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Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2021

The Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2021 demonstrates the extraordinary efforts made by individuals in all four nations of the United Kingdom during the pandemic.  

The List includes those who have worked throughout the crisis, putting others before themselves - from caring neighbours, frontline and community heroes, to those supporting the UK recovery.

The Birthday Honours List 2021 is the most ethnically diverse list to date, with 15% of recipients coming from an ethnic minority background. 

In a year that has truly tested the resolve and determination of the country, almost 23% of recipients are recommended for COVID-19 service. These include recipients who have given charitable and voluntary support to communities, service in health and social care, and those who have provided critical infrastructure support.

The following fire officers were recognised for their outstanding work:

BEM - Jessica Grayson - Watch Manager Control, South Yorkshire FRS. For services to Mental Health.

BEM - Bernadette McKiernan - Crew Manager, Snaith Fire Station, Humberside FRS. For services to the community in Humberside.

QFSM - Antony Darren Clark, Watch Manager, Humberside FRS, For services to the Coronavirus pandemic.

QFSM - Fleur Holland, Firefighter, South Yorkshire FRS. For services to the Coronavirus pandemic.

QFSM - Darryl Anthony Keen, Chief Fire Officer, Hertfordshire FRS. For exemplary service to the fire service.

QFSM - Alexandra Johnson, Chief Fire Officer, South Yorkshire FRS.  For distinguished service in the fire service.

QFSM - Stephen Apter, Deputy Chief Officer, Hampshire FRS. For exemplary service in a Principle Officer capacity, at four FRSs.

QFSM - Rose Elizabeth Fearnley, Watch Manager, North Yorkshire FRS. For services to North Yorkshire FRS and their most remote communities.

The majority of awards in the Birthday Honours list are for the contributions people have made in their communities. Of those receiving an award, 62% are recognised for their community work. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Throughout the pandemic we have seen countless examples of every day heroes. From those using their expertise to help develop life-saving vaccines, which are now being rolled out successfully to all parts of the UK, to the people who have given time and energy to care for their communities.

We should take heart from the stories of those receiving honours and be inspired by their courage and kindness. May they be a reminder of all that we can achieve when we come together as a society.”

The honours system strives to be inclusive of all of the UK society. Of the 1,129 people who receive an award

  • 986 candidates have been selected at BEM, MBE and OBE level: 
    • 323 at BEM
    • 457 at MBE 
    • 206 at OBE
  • 695 (62%) of the recipients are people who have undertaken outstanding work in their communities either in a voluntary or paid capacity;
  • 567 women are recognised in the List, representing 50% of the total (39% of recipients at CBE level and above are women);
  • 15% of the successful candidates come from an ethnic minority background:
    • 6.8% of recipients are from an Asian ethnic group;
    • 4.2% of recipients are from a Black ethnic group;
    • 3.3% of recipients with a mixed ethnic background;
    • 0.7% of recipients come from another ethnic background; 
  • 9% of the successful candidates are disabled or have a long-term health condition; 
  • 17.3% of recipients considered themselves to come from a lower socio-economic background; and
  • 5% of recipients are LGBT.

A further breakdown of the diversity statistics will be available at the new dedicated honours website which has been launched to improve accessibility, transparency and inclusivity of the honours system.